Tech Requirements

Motorcycles and Equipment

  • You must ride a motorcycle appropriate for high performance track riding.
  • Severely underpowered motorcycles or those not suited to high speeds and lean angles will not be allowed on the track.
  • If you have any questions regarding your motorcycle and equipment, please contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with guidance.

Motorcycle Requirements

  • All bikes must pass technical inspection prior to admittance to the track. If your bike does not pass tech inspection, you will not receive a refund. It is your responsibility to have your bike prepared prior to riding on the race track.
  • Tires and brakes must be in good condition. Tires should be at least 50%+ of new condition. Any tires that are bluing from excessive wear will be disallowed. We will have on-site tire service at most events, so if your tires don't pass, you may have the opportunity to put on replacement tires to pass tech. Please contact us to confirm tire service will be available at your event.
  • All glass, headlight, turn signals, and plastic lenses must be taped over or removed. Side mirrors must be removed for the Advanced group and at least taped over for all other groups.
  • We recommend, but do not require, removal of center stands. No bikes with center stands will be allowed in the Advanced Group due to the ground clearance issue.
  • All machines must have an operational handlebar mounted kill switch/button and self-closing throttle in good working condition.
  • Advanced and Intermediate group riders must use water, water wetter, or a non-ethyl glycol based anti-freeze/coolant. Approved Poly Glycol brands are: Evans, 7th Gear, Liquid Performance, and Engine Ice. Automotive ethyl glycol based coolants are not allowed.
  • All valve stems must have caps.
  • Wheel balance weights must be well secured and duct taping is required.
  • License plates must have bolts taped or be removed.
  • Advanced riders only must safety wire oil drain plugs, oil filter, and oil fill caps. Intermediate must have a minimum of RTV or Silicone dab on the oil drain plugs and oil filter. ** Please note that if you spill oil on the track your day is over.

Safety Wire How To.

Video Camera Requirements

    • All GoPros (or similar cameras) that are mounted on a motorcycle must have a tether from the camera case to a point on the motorcycle.  It doesn't have to be pretty; it just has to be tethered and secure.
    • Helmet mounted GoPros (or similar helmet mounted cameras) are NOT ALLOWED at all on track.

    Rider Gear Requirements

    • Damage free BSI,ECE-2205, DOT, or SNELL full-face helmet with face shield.
    • Riding boots that fully cover the ankle.
    • Gauntlet-style gloves with full wrist coverage.
    • One or two piece leathers. Two piece leather suits must zip together for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced groups. Ballistic nylon suits such as Joe Rocket, AeroStitch, etc. are acceptable in the Novice ONLY. They can be one piece or two piece that zip together with 50% zipper contact, reinforced and padded shoulders, elbows, hips, and knee areas. No chaps.
    • Advanced and Intermediate group riders are required to wear back protectors. Soft back pads sewn into suits do not meet the requirements.
    • STT also asks that you consider the use of a chest protector.

    Rider Meetings

    • Each day begins with a mandatory Rider Meeting. THIS IS A MUST FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO RIDE THAT DAY!!
    • Daily Rider Meetings cover information that is critical to the safety of all riders participating in the event.
    • If you miss this meeting, you will forfeit your ability to ride and you will not receive a refund or credit of any kind.
    • If your day is important then you need to arrive on time.

    Registration and Tech

    • Standard Events Registration and Tech open at 7:00 AM or 7:15 AM (depending on the venue) and closes at 8:20 AM when the rider's meeting starts.
    • Registration and Tech Inspection for riders who were "late" but present at the rider's meeting will re-open at 9:00 AM for an additional 30 minutes. You will likely miss your first on-track session due to being late. PLEASE be on time.
    • Tech and registration will then close for the day at 9:30 AM.

    On-Track Regulations

    • Riders may only enter the course under the approval of the grid entry marshal or Sportbike Track Time staff.
    • Riders exiting the track into the pit area or paddocks may only re-enter the track under the approval of the grid entry marshal or STT staff.
    • Riders exiting the course into a runoff area may only re-enter the track with the approval of a corner worker or track marshal.
    • Any rider who crashes may not directly re-enter the track. That rider must wait for the crash vehicle to bring the bike back to the pit area. In addition, the rider must wait with the crashed bike and not attempt to cross the track or walk back to the pit area.
    • No rider may at any time ride in such a manner as to endanger life or limb of other riders, officials, or guests. Such riding includes blatant violation of flag conditions as displayed by corner workers. Riders who act in such manner and are reported to track officials or Sportbike Track Time staff will be ejected from the event without exception or appeal.
    • Only the registered rider may ride on the track during ride sessions.
    • Any rider observed riding recklessly in the pit or paddock area may be ejected from the event. However, warnings will be given wherever possible for minor rule violations. We are at the track to have a good time, not police our riders every moment of every event. It is your responsibility to be safe and courteous to other members.


    Each rider is required to know all the policies and regulations including the proper adherence to track flagging procedures.

    • GREEN - The track is open. Let's ride!
    • RED - The track is closed, most likely due to a crash or some other hazard that needs to be cleaned up. Put your arm in the air when you see this flag and slow your pace considerably but predictably. Continue at a safe speed and leave the track when you reach the EXIT point unless directed otherwise. DO NOT STOP ON THE TRACK.
    • CHECKERED - End of the session, continue your lap and leave the track when you reach the EXIT point.
    • YELLOW - This flag could be waving or steady.
    • STEADY or STATIONARY means that you need to sharpen your focus and be aware of a potential distraction. This could be a slower rider ahead or a bike well off the track but still visually distracting. DO NOT grab a big hand full of brake because you will get run over. Maintain your pace and obey the passing rules for your group.
    • WAVING means to slow your pace and be extra vigilant for a possible trouble spot. The track will remain open but there is some kind of hazard that could cause a problem. Passing is NOT allowed within the zone where this flag is displayed.
    • BLACK - This flag will be pointed directly at you and means that there is either something wrong with your bike or your actions. Raise your arm to let the corner worker know you saw the flag and move off the racing line in case you are leaking fluids. Come into the pits and report to the track control official.
    • AMBULANCE - Someone has crashed and is injured and needs immediate attention. This flag will be accompanied by a RED flag. The ambulance is on the track and heading for the crash site. Put your arm in the air when you see this flag and slow your pace considerably. Leave the track when you reach the EXIT point.