Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Sportbike Track Times Program?

Answer: Street, Sport and Track riding enthusiasts regardless of skill level. If you are serious about becoming a better, safer and faster rider then you should ride with us.

Are all brands of motorcycles allowed?

Answer: Yes. We do not discriminate based on brand or style of machine.

Does STT offer real instruction for Novice riders?

Answer: Yes and it's free. We know other clubs "instruction" often consists of a few extra minutes in a rider's meeting. STT provides comprehensive classroom and on-track instruction for every single Novice rider and we never charge extra for this important benefit. STT instruction is among the finest available at any price.

What Riders are Saying About STT's Novice Group:

  • I've tried the other guys but STT was my favorite because of the class time. Really help to get you into track riding and teach you the right and wrong way to do things.- JS
  • For an organization, I'd say go with STT. They've got the intro course and put on a great trackday. - Cliff
  • As an inexperienced "track rider", I'd recommend STT, it is an absolute bargain considering the instruction you get not only in the classroom but also on the track. The instructors are first class and seem genuinely interested in making you a better rider.- MB
  • STT has the best intro program and offers the most one on one instruction. (which is) much more helpful for new track riders. - MM
  • I learned more in a single day with STT than my first four days with the "other" big club who's idea of training was a extra 15 minutes of rider's meeting. I wish I had tried STT first! - DR
  • Personally I've had the best experiences with STT - and the safest ones. I feel the Novice group with STT in my experience is the most structured and safe. - CC

How much does a day at the track cost?

Answer: As little as $99 per day. Costs are based on the individual venue. STT originated multi-day discounts so you save on two and three day events. We also have a variety of "package deals" to help you save.

I see "No-Sessions" or "Open" and "Single Group" track days advertised by other groups. This sounds cool, why doesn't STT offer "no session" events?

Answer: The answer is very simple: SAFETY. Our experience has proven that mixing riders of vastly different skill levels is an invitation for disaster. We believe our 30-minutes per hour LED events are the perfect blend of riding time and rest. Additionally, many Advanced and Intermediate riders are friends and enjoy the camaraderie of attending events together and "single group only" days would prohibit this.

What is STT's crash and breakdown policy?

Answer: We handle crashing and breakdowns on a case by case basis. While we do not issue blanket credits for "own fault" crashes we evaluate situations independently. STT enforces our safety rules and encourages members to be careful, courteous and ride within their limits. If you crash you will set out a minimum of one full session. This is for your safety. We will evaluate your condition and that of your equipment and you may be allowed to return to the track. STT Staff decisions are final.

Does STT have a "free sample" or "try it for free" program?

Answer: No. Our Novice classroom and on-track training requires a full-day commitment from every rider. It would be unfair to overcrowd our AM sessions with "free" riders, thereby lessening the quality of your STT experience. In the highly unlikely event that a rider is not satisfied with his or her experience come see us promptly at the end of the event and we'll do our best to make you happy.

Do you limit the amount of riders who can register?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY! We have the lowest rider limits of any major track club. Typically our rider limits are 25% lower than those of other major clubs for safety and to enhance the riding experience for all riders.

Do these events sell out?

Answer: Yes! We strictly limit sign ups at each and every STT event to ensure a quality experience for every rider.

How do I register for a Sportbike Track Time event?

Answer: Register on this website or call 888.390.4020 

Why am I charged tax on merchandise?

Answer:  All MI and GA residents must pay taxes for goods purchased at our online store. 

Where do I get gear for my bike?


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