Richard Harris, Owner



Profession:Machinist, Owner of Sportbike Track Time, Sportbike Tire Service, Apex Manufacturing, and Talladega

Bike(s):Triumph Daytona 765RR, Yamaha R6, TZ250

Favorite Track(s):The one I'm pulling into.

On the Track Since:1995

Highlights:Finishing five rounds of AMA Supersport in 2012. Crew Chief for Jason DiSalvo in 2015, then several top riders in 2016 & 2017. And most recently Jason DiSalvo again in the 2019 Daytona200 bringing home a hard-fought 8th place. What a rush to be surrounded by such a great team!

Goals:To continue to grow SportbikeTrack Time, SportbikeTire Service, ApexMfg, and Little Tally to be best in the industry - and have fun doing it!

Track Day Advice:Use our instructors, they are the best in the industry and are here to help you improve and have fun. It's all about having fun. If you're not having fun, you're not riding right.

Julie Harris, Owner and CDA


Nickname:CDA (Chief Devil's Advocate)

Profession:Keeping the insurance company happy and the lawyers away.

Favorite Track(s):Grattan; it's close to home!

Highlights:Our kid is a completely independent adult and we are enjoying our empty nest!

Goals:Keeping the insurance company happy and the lawyers away.

Track Day Advice:There are no stupid questions - everybody started out nervous just like you might be right now. Ask any of our staff anything you want; we are here to make your experience the best possible.

Trevor Sadler, Chief Operating Officer



Profession:audio engineer

Bike(s):a bunch

Favorite Track(s):there are very few I don't like....

On the Track Since:2005

Highlights:Along with my wonderful wife, directing the southern division of Sportbike Track Time, and working for Richard and Julie Harris. Riding a motorcycle on a track is a ton of fun, and a wonderful experience - I wonder if I will ever tire of it? One thing I do know is that I have made some of the very best friends at the track, riding motorcycles.

Goals:To continue doing what I'm doing!!!

Track Day Advice:One. Step. At. A. Time. When you come to your first trackday, it can be overwhelming. Take pause.... you are simply riding your bike on a wonderful, twisty road that repeats every two or so miles (four - if it's Road America!!!!). Don't overwhelm yourself - you're just riding your bike. Don't try to get to "A" pace in one day... that's skipping steps, and if you don't take it one step at a time, well.... fixing bikes is no fun.

Tea Palella, Chief Technology Officer

Hometown:Burr Ridge


Profession:Sr. Software Engineer

Bike(s):R6, 125GP, 600RR

Favorite Track(s):Laguna, Barber, Autobahn, NCM

On the Track Since:2007

Highlights:I won an AMA Grand National Championship. I was a fighter pilot for a day

Goals:To never stop learning on and off the track To drop a few seconds at all tracks!!!

Track Day Advice:Relax, Breathe, Ask Questions. We are here to help you! Never hesitate to ask for help. Always remember to have fun.

Cyndi Sadler, Director


Nickname:Lou Who

Profession:IT Integrations and Enhancements for John Deere

Bike(s):Honda RS125, Monster 900

Favorite Track(s):Barber Motorsports Park

On the Track Since:2009

Highlights:Changing over all my bikes to GP shift, riding on track without having to follow an instructor & most importantly growing the female riding track community.

Goals:Confidence, seat time, & growing the female riding community. Seeing more women get on track makes me so happy. Women are great riders and having a community of women that enjoy the track is so much fun for me.

Track Day Advice:Coaches are trackday secret weapons. Wheather you are scared going out on track for the first time, after a fall, or just looking to drop some lap times, the coaches are more than happy to help. There is such a wide variety of talented coaches available at each and every trackday just looking to help people out. Take advantage of them!

Owen Johnson, Director


Nickname:Black Mamba

Profession:Weathering Services, Instrumentation/Calibration

Bike(s):09 ZX6R(Green), 09 ZX6R(Blue), 07 GSXR-750

Favorite Track(s):The one I arrive at!

On the Track Since:2010

Highlights:Received my race licence and able to compete with CCS & WERA!

Goals:To help others improve and develop their riding skills.

Track Day Advice:*Come to the track plenty rested! *Keep well hydrated throughout the day! *Go fast in fast corners and slow in slow corners! *Make sure your bike is good working order before arriving at the track. *Relax & dont forget to breathe! *Check tire pressures throughout the day! *If youre feeling exhausted, just sit out a session! *Ask instructors LOTS of questions! WE LOVE THEM!!! HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!

Aaron Bagwell, Instructor


Bike(s):2007 Yamaha R6

Favorite Track(s):Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course, Grattan

On the Track Since:2000

Highlights:Competing in AMA Supersport 2010 - 2012.

Goals:Continue to improve lap times at the tracks I ride. Grow the sport by sharing the things that I have learned in the last 13 years of riding on the track.

Track Day Advice:Ride within yourself. Know your abilities and don't ride beyond them.

Aaron Hardiman, Instructor

Hometown:auburn hills


Profession:Martial Arts Instructor

Bike(s):2009 Kawasaki ZX6R

Favorite Track(s):Mid Ohio, Grattan, Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:2005

Highlights:nothing new, just hanging being dad.....

Goals:Getting back into club racing for 2013, hopefully I can win some championships for myself and the Apex race team.

Track Day Advice:Relax and have fun, Don't be afraid to ask for help from any of the STT staff, they are a wealth of info.

Adam van Loozenoord, Instructor

Hometown:Byron Center


Profession:IT Manager

Bike(s):Ducati Panigale 1199 S

Favorite Track(s):Grattan, Road America, Gingerman

On the Track Since:2007

Highlights:Switching back from an inline 4 to a v-twin

Goals:Continue to develop myself as a rider and coach while spending time with an exceptional bunch of customers and staff.

Track Day Advice:Relax, focus on reference points, and have fun!

Aleksandr Surovets, Instructor



Profession:Anesthesiologist assistant

Bike(s):ZX6R RED

Favorite Track(s):Barber

Andrew Feldhaus, Instructor



Profession:Plant Manager @ Diamondback Gutter Cover

Bike(s):2008 Yamaha R6 - Track, 2003 Yamaha FJR1300 -- Street

Favorite Track(s):Grattan

On the Track Since:2002

Highlights:obtaining my race license with WERA and competing.

Goals:Help others improve their ridding and work on my own.

Track Day Advice:Check your ego at the gate and don't be too proud to ask for help, that's what we are here for and we enjoy doing so. Most of all HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Brett Acord, Instructor

Hometown:Flowery Branch

Profession:Regional Sales Manager - Standard Motor

Bike(s):2009 Yamaha R1

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:2001

Highlights:Being named one of the lead instructors for southern division.

Track Day Advice:Have fun!

Brian Cantor, Instructor



Profession:Retail Consultant

Bike(s):KTM RC390

Favorite Track(s):Autobahn South, Putnam, Barber

On the Track Since:2012

Highlights:Joining the STT staff was definitely a personal highlight, and I really value the opportunity to help our customers build their riding and bike control skills.

Goals:Introduce fellow bike enthusiasts to the experience of riding on the track in a safe, predictable, and fun atmosphere.

Track Day Advice:Arrive well rested, hydrated, and with an open mind. My top 3 pieces of advice: 1. Be on time to the track, tech inspection, the riders meeting, and the grid 2. Never guess, always ask questions. We are there to help you get the most out of your track weekend 3. Be open minded and willing to learn from more experienced instructors and riders.

Cam Waters, Instructor



Bike(s):GSXR 600

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta-Old Config

On the Track Since:2002

Highlights:Being able to hop back on my bikes after having major back surgery last summer!!!

Goals:Have a great 2013 season, and meet some really cool people along the way.

Track Day Advice:Relax and don\'t ride above your limits. Ask the instructors plenty of questions as we are here to help you.

Chad Szeman, Instructor


Profession:CMM Programmer, Quality Assurance Technician Aerospace

Bike(s):06 GSXR 750, 92 ZX7 K2, 01 ZX12R

Favorite Track(s):Grattan, Putnam, Barber

On the Track Since:2008

Goals:To be available to help as many riders as possible. To continually improve myself.

Track Day Advice:Relax, use the instructors, we are there for you. Work on your individual goals at your own pace. Do not get frustrated. Have fun and enjoy the comradery that this sport creates amongst the participants.

Charles West, Instructor



Profession:Electrical Engineer

Bike(s):2017 GSXR 1000

Favorite Track(s):Barber

On the Track Since:2010

Highlights:Being accepted back to coach after taking a couple of years off.

Goals:Smooth Consistent Speed

Track Day Advice:The one word you'll always hear for a good track day is relax. It's a true statement. I would add compartmentalize...turn the phone off and put distractions out of your head. You are at a track day! Enjoy!

Ciegi (Henry) Bustle, Instructor



Profession:Surgical Instrument Inventory Coordinator

Bike(s):2017 R6

Favorite Track(s):Pittsburgh International Race Complex

On the Track Since:2008

Highlights:Started coaching in 2013. Have been racing off and on over the years and recently (finally) became a WERA Expert racer.

Goals:To help others excel in their riding skills and love this sport as much as I do. Learn, how and what, to improve on with myself and my riding skills. Try to help women riders to feel more comfortable and confident on track and to race more rounds with WERA.

Track Day Advice:Relax and HAVE FUN! Walk around and get to know the staff and people in the paddock. Ask questions and help others like you would like to be helped.

Dan Cox, Instructor

Hometown:Grand Rapids


Profession:Audi Mechanic

Bike(s):2005 GSXR1000, 1998 TL1000R, 2002 SV650S

Favorite Track(s):Grattan

On the Track Since:2006

Highlights:The absolute BEST part of the day is the afternoon, when Novice students start to \'get\' it

Goals:Keep on keepin\' on...

Track Day Advice:Relax, have fun, ask questions

Daniel Surovets, Instructor



Profession:Residential and Commercial Maintenance

Bike(s):2009 GSXR 750, 2007 GSXR 600

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:2007

Darrell Tom Foxx, Instructor


Nickname:TomTom (like the GPS) I'll g


Bike(s):Yamaha R1, R6, R3

Favorite Track(s):VIR,Road America, Barber, COTA, Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:2010

Goals:To better my abilities in riding and helping others through positive direction and influence. To always have fun...

Track Day Advice:Breathe, Relax, Look ahead, and look through the turn.. Also most importantly, have fun and set goals for self improvement (don't overload your abilities). Ask for help from staff and instructors .

David Vaughn, Instructor



Profession:Financial Services

Bike(s):2008 GSXR 600

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:1999

Track Day Advice:Be safe, have fun!

David Brooks, Instructor



Profession:Network Engineer

Bike(s):2013 Suzuki GSX-R750

Favorite Track(s):Anything Paved!

On the Track Since:2004

Highlights:Qualifying and competing in 2012 AMA Supersport at Barber Motorsports Park.

Goals:Continue to strive to improve my riding and pass along knowledge to other riders.

Track Day Advice:You have heard it before but relax! The equipment we ride today is capable of some amazing things if you let it do what it was designed to do. If you tense up on the bike, you throw a lot of that capability out the window.

David Ortiz, Instructor



Bike(s):2007 GSXR 600, 2017 Z125 Pro, 2009 Honda CRF150R

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta, Barber

On the Track Since:2015

Goals:Make sure everyone has a great, fun, and safe day. Send you and your bike home to your family in one piece. Help everyone get faster while still riding within their limits.

Track Day Advice:Turn your phone off. Breathe. Stay focused and ride within your limits. Breathe. Drink lots of water. Breathe. Focus on one task at a time, one corner at a time. Did I mention Breathe??

Dean Bustle, Instructor



Profession:Pavement Marking

Bike(s):08 Yamaha R6, 07 Suzuki SV650

Favorite Track(s):Jennings, Barber and Putnam

On the Track Since:2007

Highlights:Getting hitched to my beautiful wife Ciegi. Non motorcycle related but any other recent highlight pales in comparison.

Goals:Continue to give back to the track day community. Improve my own skills as a rider and an instructor. Get more involved in racing and try to earn those white plates.

Track Day Advice:Take full advantage of the help that is provided from your Instructors. Be sure to stop after your session to get some feedback.

Don Cook, Instructor


Nickname:Tin Cup

Profession:Investment Guru

Bike(s):GSXR750, BMW S1000RR, BMW R1200GSA, '69 Triumph Trophy

Favorite Track(s):Road America, Putnam, Autobahn, Grattan, Gingerman

On the Track Since:1995

Highlights:Coaching and track days are a blast. I've also enjoyed riding on and off road in Columbia, Peru, Chile and Argentina (Patagonia) to the Straits of Magellan. Costa Rica next then, who knows...

Goals:My primary goal is to help riders recognize the one or two primary things they can do to better enjoy their day at the track.

Track Day Advice:Come prepared with a properly set up bike. Do the mechanical work at home to get more riding time at the track.

Ed Satori, Instructor



Profession:Computer Geek

Bike(s):07 GSXR 750, 06 GSXR 750

Favorite Track(s):All of them

On the Track Since:2005

Highlights:The start of another awesome year working with STT and meeting all of the awesome people that come to the track, both riders and their support crew!

Goals:To help as many riders improve their skill on the track as I can. At the end of the day, smiling faces because the riders had a great day are what it is all about!

Track Day Advice:Relax, breathe and have fun!!! If you are not having fun, there is no reason to be out there! Smooth and consistent is were it is at!

Elis'sa winston, Instructor



Profession:RN Clinical Nurse Manager

Bike(s):2013 R6

Favorite Track(s):Barber

On the Track Since:2016

Highlights:My bump to the I group is an awesome highlight that stands out. In addition, being able to keep up a decent pace and feeling comfortable in doing so. Last but not least, joining such a phenomenal group of like minded individuals such as STT.

Goals:To increase the female and street riding population of riders to experience track life with STT. To improve my riding skills each year with the STT family.

Track Day Advice:Ride your ride and regardless of any skill level, never be afraid to ask questions. Finally, have fun!

Eric Cell, Instructor

Hometown:Grand Rapids


Profession:Sales Representative

Bike(s):Daytona 675

Favorite Track(s):Grattan

On the Track Since:2005

Highlights:Selling my SV650 that I was very comfortable on and converting my street Daytona 675 to a full on track bike. Finding out that my wife is pregnant with twin boys. They should be here no later than 9-9-13. :)

Goals:To continue to coach other riders and help them learn to be safer, smoother, and overall better riders. I\'m also looking forward to learning more about my Triumph and becoming a better rider on a much faster motorcycle.

Track Day Advice:Relax, breathe, and don\'t forget to have fun. Learn to be smooth. Abrupt inputs (throttle, brakes, and steering) upset the bike and cause it to do things you might not expect. Being smooth will make the bike and yourself more predictable.

Erik Lindgren, Instructor



Profession:Ditch digger

Bike(s):Aprila rsv4, Ducati hypermotard

Favorite Track(s):None

On the Track Since:2006

Highlights:None, I just want to ride!

Goals:Go faster and save my tires is that possible?

Track Day Advice:This is about fun, so play nice be safe and have fun.

Garrett O'Brien, Instructor


Profession:Pro moto rider

Bike(s):12 R6

Favorite Track(s):Barber

On the Track Since:2009

Highlights:Licensed by MotoAmerica.

Track Day Advice:Ask your bike what's it doing? Communication is key!

George Knezevich, Instructor

Hometown:west chicago


Profession:master machinist


Favorite Track(s):putnam

On the Track Since:2001

Highlights:burger bash @ autobahn

Goals:continue to have a lot of fun! & take my riding to the next level

Track Day Advice:relax & ask for help

Glen Johnson, Instructor



Profession:AT&T CIM Manager

Bike(s):Honda CBR954RR & Honda 919

Favorite Track(s):Road America, Barber, Mid-Ohio,and Mazda Raceway

On the Track Since:1976

Highlights:Retired from the US Army after 26 Years, 7 Months, and 8 Days... :)

Goals:To improve my \"At Speed\" riding skills to the best of my ability. To pass on those learned skills to my students.

Track Day Advice:COME FULLY PREPARED TO RIDE \"AT SPEED\"!!! Be prepared to ride, mentally and physically. Start preparing days before your Track Day, by eating the proper foods and drinking the proper beverages. Also, ensure your motorcycle is prepped and safe. Go to Google Maps and survey the Track you are going to ride during your Track Day(s). If possible, print out the track map and bring it with you as reference material. Most of all, enjoy yourself, that\'s what it\'s all about!!! :)

Heath Miester, Instructor

Hometown:West dundee


Profession:Sheet metal worker

Bike(s):17 gsxr 1000r

Favorite Track(s):Road America

On the Track Since:1987

Track Day Advice:Take little bites,and mostly have fun!

Ivan Roman, Instructor

Hometown:Commerce Twp.

Profession:Engineering Management

Bike(s):Yamaha R6 (sold) and Triumph 675R

Favorite Track(s):Grattan

On the Track Since:2002

Highlights:Raced WERA for a couple years and obtained regional Championship in Formula 1 Novice class.

Goals:Retire to have more time to ride my bikes.

Track Day Advice:Be smooth and patient. Speed comes over time - no need to rush it!

jason trowbridge, Instructor



Profession:Electrical and Hvac for special events

Bike(s):2017 GSXR 1000R, 2011 GSXR 600

Favorite Track(s):Barber Motorsports Park

On the Track Since:2003

Highlights:Getting to work with such a great group of instructors. It's amazing to see how everyone cares for one another.

Goals:Slowly try to work up to being as fast as Shane Richardson.

Track Day Advice:Try to relax and enjoy the little moments. Take lots of pictures and drink more water.

Jason Bowman, Instructor


Nickname:The Rabbit

Profession:Automotive Supply Warehouse Manager

Bike(s):2017 Yamaha R6

Favorite Track(s):Pitt Race, Putnam, Grattan, Mid Ohio, Autobahn

On the Track Since:2009

Highlights:Becoming a coach for STT in 2014 , working for the very best track day org in the nation is amazing. Advanced to Expert Class in WERA - 2017 WERA Heavyweight Twins National Champion

Goals:To continue to learn so I can pass off my skills to others.

Track Day Advice:NEVER! be afraid to ask a staff member a question. We are here to help make your day as enjoyable as possible. Take it slow, stay relaxed be smooth and above all else have fun!

Jeff Little, Instructor


Profession:Air Traffic Controller


Favorite Track(s):Road America, Barber, Grattan,

On the Track Since:2008

Highlights:Spending time with my wonderful wife Debbie.......

Goals:Hang with Rob and Erik for a few laps........

Track Day Advice:Relax..........

jeff freeman, Instructor




Favorite Track(s):All of 'em

On the Track Since:2010

Highlights:Being a STT instructor, 2017 WERA North Central Region A-Superstock Novice Champion

Goals:Be better today than yesterday

Track Day Advice:Have fun, enjoy the time with your friends and family. Leave your ego at home.

Jim Calandro, Instructor





Favorite Track(s):Barber and Little Tally

On the Track Since:1981

Highlights:After 17 years of coaching I am cutting back and will be in a back up role for STT when they need extra help

Goals:Keep riding until I am 90. That leaves me 17 more good years. =/8^]

Track Day Advice:Work up to your goal do not be in a hurry. Hurrying is how you make mistakes. Learn to keep it slow on the straights so you can learn proper cornering. Straight line speed will come and really does not take all that much effort. Turns are where the difficulty are and where you really need to learn.

Jim Cottrell, Instructor

Hometown:West Bloomfield



Bike(s):R6, GSXR750, Harley RoadGlide, KTM450EXC

Favorite Track(s):Grattan

On the Track Since:1996

Highlights:It makes my day when I can help a rider have a Fun day.

Goals:To have fun hanging out with great people.

Track Day Advice:Go slow to go fast. Use the STT staff, we will help you.

Jimmy Pierce, Instructor



Bike(s):GSXR600/Ninja 300

Favorite Track(s):Barber

On the Track Since:2009

Track Day Advice:Come prepared, relax and have fun.

john wheatley, Instructor



Bike(s):2013 GSXR 600, 2010 BMW S1000RR

Favorite Track(s):Laguna Seca, Grattan

On the Track Since:2001

Goals:Continue to improve my understanding of how the motorcycle reacts to input, so that I can continue to increase my speed safely.

Track Day Advice:1. Show up!! 2. Have Fun!! 3. Don't Crash!! 4. Repeat!!!

Jonathan Weirath, Instructor

Hometown:Saint Clair Shores

Nickname:Jonny Boy

Profession:Service Planner

Bike(s):2008 GSXR 750, 2008 R6

Favorite Track(s):Grattan, any track I can ride at!

On the Track Since:2009

Highlights:Got married, and wife bought me a new motorcycle!

Goals:Meet new people, make great new friends, be on the track as much as possible, and MOST important have fun! Winning a WERA championship or two would be fun also.

Track Day Advice:Stay within your comfort zone and only work on one or two things at a time. Focus on the fundamentals and learn them correctly the first time. Remember its not a race and we are all out there to have fun, learn something new and return home safe.

Joshua Mompher, Instructor




Bike(s):2013 Ducati Panigale s

Favorite Track(s):Grattan and Barber

On the Track Since:2012

Highlights:Joining the STT family. Made the trip to Barber this year and also visited the museum there. Such and amazing trip and it will be my season opener and season wrap-up from now on!

Goals:Be the best coach I can be and work on my own riding skills.

Track Day Advice:Focus on the fundamentals, be smooth, and have fun! Never hesitate to grab a coach and ask as many questions as you can!

Juan Trujillo, Instructor




Bike(s):08 R6 - 13 GSXR750

Favorite Track(s):Barber, NCM, Road Atl, BHF, ACC, Grattan, CMP, Road America, Gingerman, Putnam

On the Track Since:2000

Highlights:Working on my 3rd season as an STT Coach and loving life in GA

Goals:See our wonderful customers advance through the ranks and be a part of their success in achieving their on track goals. Have FUN!! Bring more exposure to our sport and way of life. Have FUN!! Grow with our STT family and eventually see my own children out there spinning laps! oh, and HAVE FUN!!

Track Day Advice:Don't over think it, listen, learn, grow! Even when you think you know, there is always someone who you can still learn from. Come prepared and ready to execute your plans.

Justin Chmielewski, Instructor

Hometown:South Lyon


Profession:Police Sergeant in Metro Detroit

Bike(s):08 R6

Favorite Track(s):Never met a track I didn't like!

On the Track Since:2000

Highlights:Starting my 13th year with STT, the last 12 as an instructor. Every track event has its own highlights both on and off the track.

Goals:Spending more time at the track, obviously!

Track Day Advice:Slow down to go fast and don't let your ego get in the way of learning. Don't be afraid to ask questions of the instructors, that is why we are here!

Kenny Horst, Instructor



Profession:Industrial electronics

Bike(s):2003 & 2008 yamaha r6

Favorite Track(s):Grattan Raceway

On the Track Since:2003

Highlights:Beating Harley at laser tag.

Goals:To own a tz250

Track Day Advice:Relax. While the concept of the racetrack seems intimidating, it doesn't have to. You are surround by skilled instructors and we all have one goal, to help you! Always have fun!!!

Keno Winston, Instructor


Profession:Owner Operator

Bike(s):2016 BMW S1000RR

Favorite Track(s):Roebling Road, Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:2016

Highlights:I recently became an instructor! Very honored that STT invited me to be apart of the family. There's no better awesomeness than to help a rider, and see that rider understand the things explained then he or/she perform it with joy in their eyes!!

Goals:My continued goals would be.... to introduce more "street riders" --around to the track! Also, my goal is to race a full race season very soon.

Track Day Advice:Track days can be very overwhelming... So if you have doubt, or unsure about ANYTHING....ASK!

Kevin Hu, Instructor



Profession:Director of Operations at BraiZe, LLC

Bike(s):06 GSXR600, 07 GSXR750

Favorite Track(s):Autobahn Country Club

On the Track Since:2014

Highlights:Becoming a part of the coaching staff of STT in 2018... #2 Overall Amateur CCS Midwest 2018

Goals:Continue to improve my skill set so I can better give back to the riding community and become like the influential coaches that helped me through the years. Cheesy, but true!

Track Day Advice:Don't forget to have fun! Don't be afraid to ask questions to your coaches! Stay hydrated!

Kirsten Adams, Instructor


Nickname:Dragon Lady

Profession:Intelligence Analyst

Bike(s):2014 Suzuki GSXR 750 / 2008 BMW R1200GS

Favorite Track(s):The one I'm on!

On the Track Since:2002

Track Day Advice:Ask questions!! We can always learn something new.

Lance Brannon, Instructor



Profession:Field Operator for Agrium Advanced Technologies

Bike(s):2011 R1, 2007 CRF150R supermoto

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Talladega Gran Prix

On the Track Since:2004

Highlights:Coaching for STT 2011-2012, 2009 Lwt Twin Novice National Champion

Goals:To help customers become a better rider while also improving my Skills as a Rider/instructor

Track Day Advice:Relax,Stay loose, and Have fun.. If its not fun..Whats the point..

Larry Hughes, Instructor



Bike(s):2009 ZX-6r

Favorite Track(s):Barber and NC Bike

On the Track Since:1990

Highlights:Helping others improve their track day riding, and having the ability to work for the greatest Track Day Org out there.

Track Day Advice:Relax, have fun.

Layne Stewart, Instructor


Profession:Project Manager - Commercial HVAC

Bike(s):2009 GSXR 1000

Favorite Track(s):Grattan, Barber, Pitt

On the Track Since:2015

Highlights:Highlights? Each and every time I am at the track. There is nothing like this "family" anywhere else on the planet. I was welcomed into this group in 2015 and things took off from there. I was lucky enough to win a few WERA championships in 2017. What a roller coaster ride that was!! Now I do a little racing, a little riding, and a little coaching. You will typically find me changing tires!

Goals:To be ever learning, and developing my riding skill set.

Track Day Advice:Relax, and HAVE FUN!

Leah Burns, Instructor

Hometown:Grand Blanc


Profession:Engineering Manager

Bike(s):07 ZX6r

Favorite Track(s):Grattan

On the Track Since:2010

Highlights:Being asked to be an STT instructor, Not riding off the track my first weekend instructing, Helping Novice riders get better!

Goals:To continue to learn and improve. And to one day be able to put more than a big toe on the ground at pit out :)

Track Day Advice:Ask for help, have fun, and relax!!

Marc Perrone, Instructor


Profession:Project Manager

Bike(s):2-TL1000R's and GSX-R 1000

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Road America, NCCAR, Mid Ohio and Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:2001

Highlights:Racing in MotoAmerica Events with the WERA Triple Crown series

Goals:I dedicate every weekend at the track to ensure everyone has a great time on and off the track as much as possible. Mentoring, Teaching as well as recruiting new people to the sport that I love.

Track Day Advice:Leave your Ego at home or at the Gate... Stay at the track and not a Hotel...Be prepared Body Wise and Bike Wise... Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate.... Have fun!.. But have more fun in the Pits!! Also ride as many different tracks as possible. And last but not least Pin it To Win it!!

Mark Smith, Instructor



Profession:Systems Engineer

Bike(s):2016 Yamaha R1

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:2014

Highlights:Purchased a 2016 Yamaha R1 to replace 2015 R1 No race highlights because I'm not that cool

Goals:Rehab torn disc in spine from 2015 with program. Achieve expert certification for work. Learn my true flow in riding season 2019!

Track Day Advice:Do not let your ego take over your riding - if you feel like you're going to fast, you're probably riding too far above your riding skills. Do not try to cheap out on tires or run a pace that is too fast for a current tire. Have fun and remind yourself that you are there to simultaneously get better but have a good day! This will keep your head in the right space when you don't feel like you're not "doing good."

Matt Burdett, Instructor



Profession:Service Consultant


Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta, VIR, Barber

On the Track Since:2011

Highlights:Becoming a part of the STT Staff and Family, what a great group! Winning a WERA Sportsman National Title at the 2014 Grand National Finals.

Goals:I am really excited to be coaching with STT and my main goal is to help as many people as I can! I am also going to be racing in the expert class next year with WERA, I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can from those guys!

Track Day Advice:Relax and breathe, relax and breathe, relax and breathe! Truly can't say that enough. Let the track come to you! To be fast, you must first slow down. Be willing to learn, ask questions! The only dumb question is the one not asked. The coaches are there for YOU, use them!

Matt Dean, Instructor



Bike(s):08 CBR 1000 RR

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Talladega, Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:1994

Track Day Advice:Take care of your equipment!

Micah Hand, Instructor


Profession:Director of Client Services @ ADP

Bike(s):2015 BMW S1000RR, 2014 Honda Grom

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta, CMP, Barber, Roebling

On the Track Since:2008

Highlights:for me... it's the "lightbulb" moment when working with someone on the track... or pulling off the track and seeing someone grinning ear-to-ear because they just experienced a personal best. It makes it all worth it when I get to impact someone's entire riding experience that much

Goals:My biggest goal is to spread the awesome culture that the track creates and keep growing that. Giving folks and safe and fun place to go fast and learn a ton is just plain AWESOME!

Track Day Advice:Take your time and let the track come to you. If you rush your own learning-curve, you will actually get less out of the day than you would if you just relax and have fun out there. And, ask for help... the staff at STT is amazing. They all love what they do. So, ask us for advice, help, a tow, etc.

Michael Wynn, Instructor



Bike(s):05 600Rr

Favorite Track(s):Barber, lil tally and NCM

On the Track Since:2013

Track Day Advice:Relax, breath and have fun! Don't be afraid to ride in the liquid sunshine. It WILL make you a better, smoother rider, and always drink plenty of water.

Mike Brandt, Instructor

Hometown:Grand Rapids


Profession:Business Owner and Manager

Bike(s):BMW S1000RR, Aprilia SXV550, Turbo Hayabusa, KTM 450 XC-W

Favorite Track(s):Grattan and Barber

On the Track Since:2004

Highlights:Baby boy on the way! Scheduled to arrive June 3!

Goals:Continue a fun life with great hobbies, including riding motorcycles and instructing with STT.

Track Day Advice:Relax, ask questions, listen to all the people who are so very willing to help and have fun!

Mike Wemmer, Instructor



Profession:Service Consultant


Favorite Track(s):Gingerman

On the Track Since:1999

Highlights:Passed my rider evaluation on Saturday 7/30/16 and lead my 1st group of riders on track at Autobahn on Sunday.

Goals:To ride as many tracks as I can. Help as many people as possible. And become a better rider myself.

Track Day Advice:Stay relaxed, have fun and enjoy your time on the track. It is an addiction.

Mike Bell, Instructor



Profession:Mechanical Engineer

Bike(s):09 ZX6R, 08 ZX6R 04 ZX10, 08 CBR600RR

Favorite Track(s):Grattan, Autobahn, Putnam, all of them!!

On the Track Since:2009

Goals:Continue to improve my riding skill set and to pass my knowledge onto other riders to help them become better, safer riders!

Track Day Advice:Come early, come prepared. Be well rested and have plenty of fun!!!!

Mubin Akhawala, Instructor

Hometown:Flowery Branch


Bike(s):2007 Yamaha R6

Favorite Track(s):National Corvette Museum and Barber Motorsports Park

On the Track Since:2012

Track Day Advice:Track days are meant to be fun (who would have thought?). Make sure to get to the track with your bike ready to roll, and yourself well rested. If you stress about things, you're taking away from your own experience! Be sure to drink enough water to just about drown and remember to sit, relax, and breath all day, even while on the bike!

Nicholas Desautels, Instructor

Hometown:Park Forest


Profession:Project Management / Application Engineering


Favorite Track(s):All of them

On the Track Since:2000

Highlights:Attended Speed Academy, Attended American Supercamp, 2013 CCS Thunderbike Midwest Champion, #5 overall in CCS Midwest, Completed BA in Project Management.

Goals:To stay healthy, continue to improve my riding skills, start a family with my beautiful wife Adriana and hopefully create more miniature track junkies someday.

Track Day Advice:Relax and breath when you have your helmet on. Do the chicken dance.

Nick Skirvin, Instructor

Hometown:College Park


Profession:Naval Flight Officer

Bike(s):One or two at a time. A friend said I should install a revolving door in my garage. ;)

Favorite Track(s):Barber

On the Track Since:2010

Highlights:Being asked to be a coach for STT.

Goals:Become a faster and more relaxed rider. Race in WERA next year.

Track Day Advice:Don\'t rush, don\'t make last-minute decisions, and relax. Do your best to incorporate feedback. Pick one thing per session to work on, whether that be smooth throttle, smooth braking, smooth transitions from side to side, or even just getting that one corner right.

Pat Cherry, Instructor

Hometown:Lake Orion



Favorite Track(s):Tracks with good surface

On the Track Since:2007

Highlights:Helping riders advance within our structured groups.

Goals:Help keep everyone safe at the track and teach proper riding fundamentals so customers understand how to make their motorcycles work as intended.

Track Day Advice:Be comfortable on your bike. Focus on hitting your lines. Use lap timers to measure consistency.

Patrick Ostbloom, Instructor



Profession:Systems Analyst

Bike(s):675R R3

Favorite Track(s):Barber

On the Track Since:2012

Highlights:Becoming an instructor for STT! Entering my first race 6 months after ever riding a motorcycle.

Goals:Get my son riding! Meet more great friends at the track! Be able to race a full season!

Track Day Advice:Have Fun! If you aren’t enjoying every lap around the track, let me know and we can fix that!

Paul Strouse, Instructor

Hometown:White Lake

Profession:Auto Supplier Sales Account Manager

Bike(s):'13 Daytona 675, '04 GSXR 750, '06 KTM 525EXC, '05 KTM 450SMR, '02 DR650

Favorite Track(s):Grattan, Barber, Mid-Ohio

On the Track Since:2004

Highlights:Having the opportunity to become an instructor for STT while continuing to learn and improve my skills on the track with a great organization. Also, I recently made the trip south to ride Barber for the first time and was amazed at the facilities, track, and of course the museum. It will be a regular trip for me now!

Goals:To continue improving and developing my riding and instructional skills with STT, travel across the US to ride as many tracks as possible, and help STT customers enjoy riding on the track as much as I do!

Track Day Advice:Relax and enjoy yourself all day long. Ask questions, if you have them. The Staff members are here to help you get the most from your time at the track. Practice being smooth and consistent; don't focus just on lap times!

Rob Wienhoff, Instructor

Hometown:St. Charles



Bike(s):Aprilia RSV4; GSXR1000

Favorite Track(s):Autobahn; Grattan

On the Track Since:2003

Highlights:Having great kids, building businesses and joining the STT family!

Goals:To constantly improve in every area of life. The journey is what it is all about. Wake up and get busy living!

Track Day Advice:Take your time. Have fun. Challenge yourself. A track day is for you and between you and the track. Work on areas that challenge you. Ask Questions.

Robbie Scudder, Instructor

Hometown:St. Joseph


Bike(s):2007 Suzuki SV650

Favorite Track(s):Road America, Grattan, New Jersey

On the Track Since:2009

Highlights:Won the 2013 AHRMA Battle of Twins F3 national championship on my SV650 and took 2nd in Battle of Twins F2.

Goals:To continue my racing career by winning more national championships, grid in a professional race, and continue to pass down what I have learned to as a racer to people who want to become faster riders.

Track Day Advice:It takes time to get fast, start slow and learn to be smooth before you worry about lap times or being the fastest person out there. Once you learn the to be smooth, being fast will come easy.

Roberts Troms, Instructor



Profession:Owner of R/T Performance Auto Service

Bike(s):2013 Kawasaki zx6r (Track)2010 Kawasaki zx10r (Street) 2010 Triumph Daytona 675se (Wifes)

Favorite Track(s):Grattan is very close to home and so much fun!!!

On the Track Since:2010

Highlights:Ran a new Personal Best at Grattan,Sharing the Track with my wife.

Goals:To Be the best Instructor I can and spread the joy of riding motorcycle's at a fast pace in a safe environment.

Track Day Advice:When trouble starts to happen relax do not make any abrupt changes. Hold throttle don't cramp it shut or grab a fist full of brakes. This will give you the best odds to stay up right.

Rohan Siddaraj, Instructor


Profession:Real Estate Investor

Bike(s):2008 Yamaha R6

Favorite Track(s):Barber Motorsports Track

On the Track Since:2015

Highlights:1) When Shane Richardson bumped me to Advanced class at Road Atlanta. 2) When Mubin 'Bean' Akhawala put in a good word for me and Trevor Sadler allowed me to become part of the STT Team! 3) Started racing Novice class in Wera in 2018.

Goals:To win a few races in Wera and improve overall riding skill

Track Day Advice:- Sleep well the night before - Hydrate starting the day before and bring plenty of water - Bring a gas can - Make use of the instructors and don't be shy in asking for criticism - Make friends (most track day riders are very friendly and you can learn a lot by talking to them

Ryan Cramer, Instructor


Nickname:Gas Can

Profession:Supply Chain Manager

Bike(s):EBR 1190RX, Ducati 916, GSXR750, RSV4

Favorite Track(s):Grattan, Pitt Raceway, Barber

On the Track Since:2010

Highlights:Rode the Isle of Man TT course, visited twice in 2016 and 2018. Won some WERA races, met some cool people, drank some whiskey!

Goals:To get faster, compete at the Isle of Man TT.

Track Day Advice:Relax, take baby steps. If you are in your late 20s/early 30s you are not going to become the next Rossi. Just enjoy yourself and find some realistic goals that will be fun to achieve. Enjoy the people around you.

Shaun Fassina, Instructor



Profession:Legal Administrator

Bike(s):2013 Yamaha R6

Favorite Track(s):Little Tally, Barber, Roebling

On the Track Since:2004

Highlights:My most recent highlight is reuniting with my STT Family and getting back on Staff. STT was everything I thought I was missing. I love STT and the family like environment it creates!

Goals:My goals this year is to attend as many events as possible, help as many customers as possible, and put in as much seat time s possible!

Track Day Advice:Seat time! Put in as much seat time as possible. Remember practice makes permanent - always practice breathing, looking ahead, and body positioning ….. Pratice enough that it becomes natural.

Shawn Gosselin, Instructor


Nickname:One of the Kentucky Boys

Profession:Bartender/Operations Specialist

Bike(s):Black 2009 Yamaha R6, Blue/Black 2016 Yamaha R3, Black/Orange 2015 Honda Grom, Silver 08 600RR-street

Favorite Track(s):NCM, Little Tally, Barber

On the Track Since:2009

Goals:Looking forward to as many years with my STT family as I can

Track Day Advice:Relax, breath, and have fun. Come prepared, both body and bike. It makes the day and weekend more enjoyable and less stressful. Take your time and work slowly to gain speed. Learn something new about yourself and the track every session. Ask the instructors questions and for help, that's what we are here for.

Stephen Aldrich, Instructor



Bike(s):03&08 600RR

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta, Barber

On the Track Since:2008

Highlights:Birth of my son September of 2012!

Track Day Advice:Slow down to go fast! Get your brake markers and turn in points set at slower speeds then up the pace slowly.

Stephen Kay, Instructor


Profession:Physical Therapist

Bike(s):GSXR-1000, CBR 600F1, Ducati 800ss, GROM

Favorite Track(s):Barber

On the Track Since:2002

Highlights:I am a father of three and a have a wonderful wife that is loving, supportive and understanding. (Thank you honey). I own a private out-patient physical therapy clinic in East Mississippi. I truly love my job and I work hard helping individuals recover to their maximal potential. Helping others is my passion and motorcycles are my love. Being a Sportbike Track Time instructor is the perfect opportunity to grow the sport, de-stress and share the love for two wheels.

Goals:1.Continue to grow and mentor riders in a safe environment. 2. Enjoy track days for many years to come.

Track Day Advice:1. Relax and Breathe. 2. This is the best, most exhilarating sport in the world but it is very unforgiving. 3. Plan ahead for any situation you can imagine. 4. Ride and maintain your equipment like your life (and mine) depends on it.

Stuart Moore, Instructor

Hometown:Vernon Hills


Profession:CNC Machining Business

Bike(s):gsxr 600, 750, cbr600, TZ250

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:2006

Highlights:My 35 years with wife Janet, and enjoying weekends with the STT family

Track Day Advice:Come prepared mentally, physically, with a safely equipped bike. Relax, be smooth on the throttle, brakes and body position. Above all, have fun!

Theresa Bowman, Instructor


Nickname:Lil T

Profession:Huntington Bank

Bike(s):2009 Yamaha R6

Favorite Track(s):Grattan, Putnam, Autobahn South, Mid Ohio

On the Track Since:2009

Highlights:Becoming a coach in 2018

Goals:Hopefully try my hand at racing Get more Women on track!!!

Track Day Advice:Use your coach! We are here to help you become a better safer rider. Walk around and enjoy the paddock and its' people. Track Day people are some of the best out there

Tim Price, Instructor



Bike(s):2016 R6

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:2009

Highlights:Won 2 championships in Wera

Track Day Advice:Be humble.

Todd Waldrup, Instructor



Bike(s):2009 Honda CBR1000

Favorite Track(s):Barber

On the Track Since:2008

Highlights:It\'s a privilege to be on the STT staff.

Track Day Advice:Come to the track prepared. Know distractions, no distractions. Take pride in your equipment and your riding. There is no substitute for a good attitude, training, and seat time. Credit to whoever said, \"when things go wrong you don\'t rise to the occasion, you fall to your level of training\". See you at the track.

Tom Southworth, Instructor

Hometown:Royal Oak


Profession:Industrial Designer


Favorite Track(s):Grattan, Road Atlanta (wrong region, but deserves a mention!)

On the Track Since:2006

Highlights:Went to Putnam for the first time in 2012... Crushed it!

Goals:Discover the next level of speed without compromising my usual large safety margin.

Track Day Advice:Always start a session with two laps at 70% speed and work up from there. Too many people get anxious and whack the throttle open too soon.

Tom McCurrie, Instructor



Profession:Association Management

Bike(s):2007 GSX-R 600

Favorite Track(s):Road America

On the Track Since:2004

Track Day Advice:Relax, be patient, learn and have fun!

Trent Langellier, Instructor

Hometown:Park Forest



Bike(s):2004 Buell XB9R, 2006 Yamaha R6

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta, ACC South, Grattan

On the Track Since:2013

Highlights:I purchased my first bike in 2007 and started doing track days at the end of 2013; I was immediately hooked. I started coaching at the end of 2016.

Goals:I'd like to continue to improve my riding skills and pass that knowledge onto other riders. I'd also like to get my race license and experience some actual racing.

Track Day Advice:Have fun and ride within your limits.

Troy Havelka, Instructor


Nickname:T'znutz, Skeeter, hey you.....

Profession:Warranty Administrator for Navistar Inc.


Favorite Track(s):Autobahn, Barber, Putnam

On the Track Since:2004

Goals:To be so fast, that I will eventually turn into a ball of light. Took back possession of my first bike. 1972 CB450 Honda. It was sitting in a garage for 18 years where it was torn apart and left for dead. Time permitting, I'm going to start the resurrection process.

Track Day Advice:Anyone can go fast in a straight line. Take the time to focus on your body position and being smooth. Steady, even breathing and a relaxed grip go a lot further than an ego. Stick with me, I'll get you there.

Tyler Neill, Instructor




Bike(s):2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R / 2016 BMW S1000R / Kawasaki KX250F

Favorite Track(s):Barber Motorsports Park

On the Track Since:2014

Goals:Set an example for new and experienced riders to ensure that everyone is safe, has fun and gets faster!

Track Day Advice:Stay focused and limit your distractions! Stay hydrated and focus on just one corner or action item at a time!

Will Caruso, Instructor



Profession:Fire Fighter/Paramedic

Bike(s):Ducati 899 Panigale

Favorite Track(s):Grattan

On the Track Since:2007

Highlights:Being asked to instruct for STT

Goals:To help out the novice in becoming a more confident and capable rider Personally, to learn from the senior staff and continue improving my own riding, hoping to attend YCRS or Colin Edwards Boot Camp in the near future

Track Day Advice:Like any teachable skill becoming fast at the track is a process, take your time to learn from instructors and better riders, it won't all come together the first day, the first weekend, and probably not even the first year, that's part of why this hobby is so addicting, strive for constant incremental improvements