Southern Staff

Richard Harris, Owner



Profession:Machinist, Owner of STT, STS, and ApexMfg

Bike(s):Triumph Daytona 675R, TZ250

Favorite Track(s):The one I'm pulling into.

On the Track Since:1995

Highlights:Finishing five rounds of AMA Supersport in 2012

Goals:To continue to grow SportbikeTrack Time, SportbikeTire Service, and ApexMfg to be best in the industry - and have fun doing it!

Track Day Advice:Use our instructors, they are the best in the industry and are here to help you improve and have fun. It's all about having fun. If you're not having fun, you're not riding right.

Trevor Sadler, Chief Operating Officer



Profession:audio engineer

Bike(s):a bunch

Favorite Track(s):there are very few I don't like....

On the Track Since:2005

Highlights:Along with my wonderful wife, directing the southern division of Sportbike Track Time, and working for Richard and Julie Harris. Riding a motorcycle on a track is a ton of fun, and a wonderful experience - I wonder if I will ever tire of it? One thing I do know is that I have made some of the very best friends at the track, riding motorcycles.

Goals:To continue doing what I'm doing!!!

Track Day Advice:One. Step. At. A. Time. When you come to your first trackday, it can be overwhelming. Take pause.... you are simply riding your bike on a wonderful, twisty road that repeats every two or so miles (four - if it's Road America!!!!). Don't overwhelm yourself - you're just riding your bike. Don't try to get to "A" pace in one day... that's skipping steps, and if you don't take it one step at a time, well.... fixing bikes is no fun.

Tea Palella, Chief Technology Officer



Profession:Software Developer

Bike(s):R6, 125GP, 600RR

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Autobahn

On the Track Since:2007

Highlights:Steve and I got married!! Proud owner of a fast little bike I won an AMA Grand National Championship I was a fighter pilot for a day

Goals:To never stop learning on and off the track To drop a few seconds at all tracks!!!

Track Day Advice:Relax, Breathe, Ask Questions. We are here to help you! Never hesitate to ask for help. Always remember to have fun.

Cyndi Sadler, Director


Nickname:Lou Who


Bike(s):Honda RS125, Monster 900

Favorite Track(s):Barber Motorsports Park

On the Track Since:2009

Highlights:Changing over all my bikes to GP shift, riding on track without having to follow an instructor & most importantly growing the female riding track community.

Goals:Confidence, seat time, & growing the female riding community. Seeing more women get on track makes me so happy. Women are great riders and having a community of women that enjoy the track is so much fun for me.

Track Day Advice:Coaches are trackday secret weapons. Wheather you are scared going out on track for the first time, after a fall, or just looking to drop some lap times, the coaches are more than happy to help. There is such a wide variety of talented coaches available at each and every trackday just looking to help people out. Take advantage of them!

Andrew Buse, Lead Instructor



Profession:CPA, CFM, CMA

Bike(s):2016 ZX-10R and 2015 BMW S1000rr

Favorite Track(s):NOLA and CMP

On the Track Since:2011

Highlights:(1)When the Black MAMBA(Northern Instructor) gave me an Intermediate Sticker (2)When Shaun Faussina(Southern Instructor) gave me the Advanced Sticker (3)When Trevor(Southern Director) gave me the opportunity to Coach with STT (4)When ED Satori(Chief Novice Instructor) asked me to be a lead instructor.

Goals:(1)To teach all of the riders I meet, all of the knowledge that was taught to me over last 100 track days that I have done. (2)To pass on the passion and love for motorcycles to every student I Coach (3)To ride free, ride fast, and ride for a lifetime.

Track Day Advice:1) learning to ride a motorcycle is a process that takes a long time(the more you learn the more fun you have) 2) Regardless of your group find a coach and have them work with you(use the help, you are paying for it) 3) RELAX 4) Riding a motorcycle on a track is the thrill of a lifetime. Get ready for a WILD ride.

Brett Acord, Lead Instructor

Hometown:Flowery Branch


Profession:Regional Sales Manager - Standard Motor

Bike(s):2009 Yamaha R1

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:2001

Highlights:Being named one of the lead instructors for southern division.


Track Day Advice:Have fun!

Ed Satori, Lead Instructor



Profession:Computer Geek

Bike(s):07 GSXR 750, 04 CBR600RR

Favorite Track(s):All of them

On the Track Since:2005

Highlights:The start of another awesome year working with STT and meeting all of the awesome people that come to the track, both riders and their support crew!

Goals:To help as many riders improve their skill on the track as I can. At the end of the day, smiling faces because the riders had a great day are what it is all about!

Track Day Advice:Relax, breathe and have fun!!! If you are not having fun, there is no reason to be out there! Smooth and consistent is were it is at!

Felix and Charlotte Kay, Lead Instructor



Profession:Flight Instructor. former Navy brown shoe.

Bike(s):GSXR1000 most of the time.

Favorite Track(s):Barbers. I really like Tally also.

On the Track Since:1967

Highlights:Recent non riding highlights include the birth of our first grandchild, Carson. WOW! Life changer. Am I older than dirt now??

Goals:Since I'm a bit on the "seasoned" side - see above - Charlotte and I hope to be able to continue riding for as long as our health and enthusiasm hold out.

Track Day Advice:For starters, try to relax and enjoy yourself. It's easy to raise expectations and performance pressures to a point where it interferes with your day. Make friends with an instructor. We like to ride but, more than anything, we love hanging with the people associated with this sport. Be patient building speed. One of the routinely dumb mistakes we see is crashing out in the first or second session. STT is a fantastic organization because of our faithful repeat customers.

Jim Calandro, Lead Instructor


Nickname:il Capo

Profession:President of US DESMO

Bike(s):SS 1080 DS and 749R

Favorite Track(s):Barber

On the Track Since:1981

Highlights:Getting an opportunity to take Jason DeSalvo\'s course. You are never too old to learn.

Goals:To still be on the track when I turn 70! Learn more and help STT students be the best they can be.

Track Day Advice:Do not try to lean too much at once. Take little bites and you will not choke. There is so much to learn you will learn it better if you concentrate on one thing at a time. Above all learn to listen.

Marc Perrone, Lead Instructor



Profession:Project Manager

Bike(s):R1 and GSX-R 1000

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Road America, NCCAR, Mid Ohio and Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:2001

Highlights:Helping out Fellow STT Owners and Instructors at the AMA Level... Spending more time at the track with great People...

Goals:I dedicate every weekend at the track to ensure everyone has a great time on and off the track as much as possible. It\'s not uncommon to put a total stranger in our Pits for a weekend just to get them up to speed about what Track Weekends with us are all about. I make it a point to meet... remember.. and most important become friends with someone new every weekend at the track.. If your coming to a STT Event in the South let me know... Please...

Track Day Advice:Leave your Ego at home or at the Gate... Stay at the track and not a Hotel...Be prepared Body Wise and Bike Wise... Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate.... Have fun!.. But have more fun in the Pits!! Also ride as many different tracks as possible..

Mike Lindsey, Lead Instructor



Profession:Systems Architect

Bike(s):2009 GSXR 750

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Tally

On the Track Since:2007

Highlights:Being selected to continue to instruct for the best track day organization in the country. Selected to become a lead instructor for 2013.


Track Day Advice:Slow down to go fast

Vernon Lux, Lead Instructor


Nickname:Not suitable for print!

Profession:Journeyman Electrician

Bike(s):08 GSX-R 750 (track) 2014 Yamaha FZ09 w/mods (street) ST1300 (street)

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Tally, NCM

On the Track Since:2005

Highlights:Continuing to Instruct with STT and being asked to work as a Lead Instructor. Peggy and I celebrating our 10 year anniversary together.

Goals:On the track...........Faster lap times. Continue to learn and improve my riding skills so I can share that with the folks I work with on the track. Off the track..........Slower lap times. Relax and enjoy life. Try to make a difference, even in the little things you do in life.

Track Day Advice:Come to the track prepared; mentally, physically, and equipment wise. Learn the fundamentals one by one and try to improve each and every time that you are out there. Learn to be smooth on the throttle and brakes, be consistent, and always try to be predictable. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Have fun, relax, and enjoy this sport that we all love.

Aleksandr Surovets, Instructor



Profession:Anesthesiologist assistant

Bike(s):ZX6R RED

Favorite Track(s):Barber

On the Track Since:



Track Day Advice:

Blake Childress, Instructor



Profession:Workin' for da man...


Favorite Track(s):Rd A, Barber, Roebling

On the Track Since:2010

Highlights:Joining the STT family and getting to spend all my time in the pits with these crazy guys (and gals).

Goals:To be a good ambassador for STT and the sport as well as leveraging my experiences to help others develop their skills and confidence. To turn as many laps as possible and to cram as many good times as I can into each weekend.

Track Day Advice:Relax and have fun. Remember to breathe and stay hydrated. Work on one thing at a time. Try and make slow, consistent progress. It\'s much more enjoyable to leave the track a second slower on the day with a nice shiny bike rather than to set a PR and miss the next few track days because you\'re fixing a wadded up bike. It\'s also way better to spend your $$$ on tires and seat time than replacement parts.

Brandon Coates, Instructor



Profession:Motorcycle Performance Shop Owner

Bike(s):08 R6

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta, Barber, VIR Full Course

On the Track Since:2007

Highlights:Taking the Disalvo Speed Acedemy! I did not realize how much I needed that.

Goals:Get smoother and faster by focusing on the things I learned in the Disalvo school.

Track Day Advice:Ride at your pace not those around you. Work on the basics, hit your markers, and pick up the pace one step at a time, once you start making mistakes, slowdown and start again! As Always, have fun!!

Cam Waters, Instructor




Bike(s):GSXR 600

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta-Old Config

On the Track Since:2002

Highlights:Being able to hop back on my bikes after having major back surgery last summer!!!

Goals:Have a great 2013 season, and meet some really cool people along the way.

Track Day Advice:Relax and don\'t ride above your limits. Ask the instructors plenty of questions as we are here to help you.

Charles West, Instructor



Profession:Electrical Engineer

Bike(s):2007 Suzuki GSXR 1000

Favorite Track(s):Barber

On the Track Since:2010

Highlights:Expanding my experience at VIR and CMP tracks last season.


Track Day Advice:Relax and breathe!

Chris Broome, Instructor

Hometown:Johnson City


Profession:Subsea Engineer

Bike(s):Triumph 675R, Yamaha R6 and R1

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta, Barber, Jennings,, all of them. :)

On the Track Since:2008

Highlights:2012 was a great year! I met many new people at the track, had a great time with STT and improved my personal riding a lot thanks to the Jason DiSalvo Speed Academy. I was able to set personal best lap times (and race finishes) at every track while improving my overall skillset. I am looking forward to a great 2013!

Goals:This year I hope to meet a ton of new people and help many people improve as riders. I also hope to continue to improve my own riding and race with the front-runners in hopes of a WERA National Championship. I am also looking forward to doing some AMA racing this year.

Track Day Advice:Relax, breathe and have fun. Before leaving Hot Pit, take a deep breathe and smile REAL always helps me. :D Other than that, take every opportunity to get some quality instruction. STT\'s Novice curriculum is second to none as is the instruction at the JDSA. The sooner you can get instruction, the better...some bad habits are hard to break. If you have any questions during the weekend, feel free to ask any instructor. We are here to help.

Daniel Surovets, Instructor



Profession:Residential and Commercial Maintenance

Bike(s):2009 GSXR 750, 2007 GSXR 600

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:2007



Track Day Advice:

David Brooks, Instructor



Profession:Network Engineer

Bike(s):07 GSX-R750, 09 GSX-R1000

Favorite Track(s):Anything Paved!

On the Track Since:2004

Highlights:Qualifying and competing in 2012 AMA Supersport at Barber Motorsports Park.

Goals:Continue to strive to improve my riding and pass along knowledge to other riders.

Track Day Advice:You have heard it before but relax! The equipment we ride today is capable of some amazing things if you let it do what it was designed to do. If you tense up on the bike, you throw a lot of that capability out the window.

Derrick Cantrell, Instructor



Profession:Vice President / General Manager

Bike(s):Yamaha R6, BMW S1000RR

Favorite Track(s):Barber Motorsports Park

On the Track Since:1996

Highlights:Qualified for and competed in AMA Supersport races at Daytona, Road Atlanta, Barber in 2012.


Track Day Advice:Never stop studying technique. Utilize coaches, no matter what level you currently ride at. Slow down to practice new techniques, then add speed.

Deryk Davidson, Instructor



Profession:IT Project Manager


Favorite Track(s):CMP, Jennings GP, PBIR

On the Track Since:2003



Track Day Advice:Don't ride beyond your ability. Give it will come. Have fun!

Eric McCormick, Instructor



Profession:HVAC Controls Technician

Bike(s):Triumph 675, Ducati 748, Vstrom, DR650

Favorite Track(s):VIR, Barber, CMP

On the Track Since:2007



Track Day Advice:Turn your phone off, relax, and have fun.

James Blalock, Instructor



Profession:Classical musician - symphony

Bike(s):07' R6

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta, Barber, Talladega

On the Track Since:2007

Highlights:Happy to have become an instructor in 2012 and excited to be continuing in 2013!

Goals:I want to continue improving my own skills and abilities so that I can better help others. It's a great feeling to help someone overcome their fears and ride with confidence.

Track Day Advice:Focus on one skill at a time so that it becomes second nature. Stay hydrated all day long and be sure to have lots fun.

Jason Midlam, Instructor



Profession:Business Development Manager

Bike(s):'07 R1 / '08 FZ1

Favorite Track(s):MidOhio, Road Atlanta, Grattan, Road America, no particular order...

On the Track Since:2000

Highlights:As a recent transfer from the Northern crew, I was able to ride three new tracks this year and Barber is now a 3 hour drive vs. a 12 hour drive.. Also, taking the JDSA at Road Atlanta was a great experience and highly recommended.

Goals:Hope to improve in every aspect of my riding as well as focus on being a better coach.

Track Day Advice:Just relax and have fun...

Jesse Garrison, Instructor




Bike(s):05 zx6r

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Nola, Atlanta

On the Track Since:2008

Highlights:Still not 30 yet!

Goals:Go Fast!

Track Day Advice:Breathe! And Body position is important, trust me!

Jessica Butel, Instructor




Bike(s):2009 R6, 2008 CBR 600, 2008 Ninja 250

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta, Barber Motorsports Park, Virginia International Raceway

On the Track Since:2010

Highlights:2012 WERA Novice WSS National Champion


Track Day Advice:Go for the fun! Being smooth, consistent and having fun is what riding is all about!

Jimmy Pierce, Instructor



Profession:Electrician/Electronics Repair

Bike(s):GSXR 600

Favorite Track(s):Barber Motorsports Park

On the Track Since:2009

Highlights:I recently created a small flat track and got my 6 year old riding a Honda crf50.


Track Day Advice:Come prepared, relax and have fun.

Joe Melendez, Instructor



Profession:Water Tower Repair

Bike(s):2006 GSXR 600

Favorite Track(s):VIR, Barber, Miller, CMP

On the Track Since:2005

Highlights:2012 I placed 5th and 6th in the nation in the WERA National Challenge Series 2011 I won 6 regional championships in the WERA Sportsman Series I have been an instructor for STT since 2008, working all groups including lead novice and tires.

Goals:National title in WERA national Challenge series for 2013 and run a full AMA East Supersport season in 2014 or 2015

Track Day Advice:No matter what happens, Just turn. Believe it or not the bike CAN make it, and you stand a better chance on pavement than you do in the dirt.

Kirsten Adams, Instructor


Nickname:Dragon Lady

Profession:Intelligence Analyst

Bike(s):2014 Suzuki GSXR 750 / 2008 BMW R1200GS

Favorite Track(s):The one I'm on!

On the Track Since:2002



Track Day Advice:Ask questions!! We can always learn something new.

Lance Brannon, Instructor



Profession:Field Operator for Agrium Advanced Technologies

Bike(s):2011 R1, 2007 CRF150R supermoto

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Talladega Gran Prix

On the Track Since:2004

Highlights:Coaching for STT 2011-2012, 2009 Lwt Twin Novice National Champion

Goals:To help customers become a better rider while also improving my Skills as a Rider/instructor

Track Day Advice:Relax,Stay loose, and Have fun.. If its not fun..Whats the point..

Larry Hughes, Instructor




Bike(s):2009 ZX-6r

Favorite Track(s):Barber and NC Bike

On the Track Since:1990

Highlights:Helping others improve their track day riding, and having the ability to work for the greatest Track Day Org out there.


Track Day Advice:Relax, have fun.

Matt Dean, Instructor




Bike(s):08 CBR 1000 RR

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Talladega, Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:1994



Track Day Advice:Take care of your equipment!

Matt Burdett, Instructor



Profession:Service Consultant


Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta, VIR, Barber

On the Track Since:2011

Highlights:Becoming a part of the STT Staff and Family, what a great group! Winning a WERA Sportsman National Title at the 2014 Grand National Finals.

Goals:I am really excited to be coaching with STT and my main goal is to help as many people as I can! I am also going to be racing in the expert class next year with WERA, I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can from those guys!

Track Day Advice:Relax and breathe, relax and breathe, relax and breathe! Truly can't say that enough. Let the track come to you! To be fast, you must first slow down. Be willing to learn, ask questions! The only dumb question is the one not asked. The coaches are there for YOU, use them!

Michael Julian, Instructor



Profession:Paramedic/ ESU Lieutenant

Bike(s):07 CBR600rr, (track), '01 Kawasaki ZRX1200r, (street)

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta baby!

On the Track Since:2006

Highlights:This will be my third year coaching with STT, and I am lucky to have my lovely wife on the track with me at every event. Life could not be any better!

Goals:Honestly, I just want to keep having fun out there. Sure, I would not mind taking some seconds off my lap times, but it is all about being there for me; on and off the track. I love every minute of our track weekends, and as long as I keep the rubber side down I am happy!

Track Day Advice:Check your ego at the gate and minimize distractions. There will always be someone out there that is faster, and if you are okay with that, there is much to be learned from them, good and bad. Leave the cell phone in the car and just be at the track: really be there.

Michael Wynn, Instructor




Bike(s):05 600Rr

Favorite Track(s):Barber, lil tally and NCM

On the Track Since:2013



Track Day Advice:Relax, breath and have fun! Don't be afraid to ride in the liquid sunshine. It WILL make you a better, smoother rider, and always drink plenty of water.

Nick Skirvin, Instructor

Hometown:College Park


Profession:Naval Flight Officer

Bike(s):One or two at a time. A friend said I should install a revolving door in my garage. ;)

Favorite Track(s):Barber

On the Track Since:2010

Highlights:Being asked to be a coach for STT.

Goals:Become a faster and more relaxed rider. Race in WERA next year.

Track Day Advice:Don\'t rush, don\'t make last-minute decisions, and relax. Do your best to incorporate feedback. Pick one thing per session to work on, whether that be smooth throttle, smooth braking, smooth transitions from side to side, or even just getting that one corner right.

Peggy Lux, Instructor



Profession:Medical Coder

Bike(s):04 CBR 600RR (track) 07 CBR 600RR (street)

Favorite Track(s):Barber

On the Track Since:2006

Highlights:Seeing my stepdaughter marry and start a new chapter in her life. Being selected for the 2014 season as an STT Instructor

Goals:To improve my riding skills, which in turn would make me a better Instructor.

Track Day Advice:Work on one thing at a time (body position, braking, speed) and they will all come together to make you faster. More important than speed, is being smooth on both the throttle and brakes and being consistent on your lines. And remember, to relax and have fun.

Sebastien Bruneau, Instructor

Hometown:Mount Juliet


Profession:Mechanical Engineer

Bike(s):2006 GSX-R1000

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Road Atlanta, Mid Ohio, Grattan

On the Track Since:2007

Highlights:My son thinks all loud engine sounds are "moto"s (short for motorcycle in french), and he loves pointing them out... I'm in trouble... My wife did a two-up session with me and she is still married to me!

Goals:To keep track riding and coaching as long as the wallet, health, time, and heart are able! To provide a great experience for those who come and ride with STT, so they come again!

Track Day Advice:HAVE FUN and have an open mind!!! That is what you are here for: to have fun and learn. So ask questions, ask for help, leave the ego at home, keep your eyes up, and the rubber down. If you maximize your learning and take it one step at a time, speed will come. Make sure to review the website to prepare yourself and your bike prior to showing up at the track!

Shaun Fassina, Instructor



Profession:Legal Administrator

Bike(s):2013 Yamaha R6

Favorite Track(s):Little Tally, Barber, Roebling

On the Track Since:2004

Highlights:My most recent highlight is reuniting with my STT Family and getting back on Staff. STT was everything I thought I was missing. I love STT and the family like environment it creates!

Goals:My goals this year is to attend as many events as possible, help as many customers as possible, and put in as much seat time s possible!

Track Day Advice:Seat time! Put in as much seat time as possible. Remember practice makes permanent - always practice breathing, looking ahead, and body positioning ….. Pratice enough that it becomes natural.

Shawn Gosselin, Instructor


Nickname:One of the Kentucky boys

Profession:Bartender/Firearm sales

Bike(s):Blue/yellow 08 600RR-track, Silver 08 600RR-street

Favorite Track(s):Little Tally, Road Atl, Barber

On the Track Since:2009


Goals:Looking forward to as many years with my STT family as I can

Track Day Advice:Relax, breath, and have fun. Come prepared, both body and bike. It makes the day and weekend more enjoyable and less stressful. Take your time and work slowly to gain speed. Learn something new about yourself and the track every session. Ask the instructors questions and for help, that\\\'s what we are here for.

Stephen Aldrich, Instructor




Bike(s):03&08 600RR

Favorite Track(s):Road Atlanta, Barber

On the Track Since:2008

Highlights:Birth of my son September of 2012!


Track Day Advice:Slow down to go fast! Get your brake markers and turn in points set at slower speeds then up the pace slowly.

Steve Fox, Instructor



Profession:Automotive Business owner

Bike(s):Ducati 985, Aprillia RS250

Favorite Track(s):CMP, Barber

On the Track Since:1992


Goals:Continue working with the great staff at STT.

Track Day Advice:Advance at a comfortable pace, don\'t ride over your ability. When you need help ask an instructor, that\'s what we\'re here for. Most of all have fun..this isn\'t your job, it\'s a hobby!

Todd Waldrup, Instructor




Bike(s):2009 Honda CBR1000

Favorite Track(s):Barber

On the Track Since:2008

Highlights:It\'s a privilege to be on the STT staff.


Track Day Advice:Come to the track prepared. Know distractions, no distractions. Take pride in your equipment and your riding. There is no substitute for a good attitude, training, and seat time. Credit to whoever said, \"when things go wrong you don\'t rise to the occasion, you fall to your level of training\". See you at the track.

Travis Hutson, Instructor




Bike(s):\'06 Yamaha R1

Favorite Track(s):Barber, Road Atlanta

On the Track Since:2006

Highlights:Instructing with STT has been a major highlight in my riding career. I was lucky enough to be chosen to join the STT Staff again for 2014 and could not be happier. Also, anytime I can help a customer improve their skills on the track...that\'s a highlight for me.

Goals:My goals are to continue to help other riders improve while at the same time improving myself. No one is too old or too fast to learn something.

Track Day Advice:Don\'t wait until the last minute to prep your bike for tech. Try to have it ready to ride a few days before the event. Also ride within your personal comfort zone. Don\'t struggle to keep up with someone faster than you if you\'re not comfortable. Find an Instructor if you want someone to pull you around the track.