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Race Certificate Classes

Race Certificate Classes
Thinking of getting into road racing? STT can help!

At specific track days, Intermediate and Advanced riders can sign up for a Race Certificate Class add-on for the potential to earn a race certificate. Race certificates are then presented to the racing organization of your choice during application for a license.

Don't worry, this won't compromise your time on the track! This add-on offers classroom style instruction between track sessions and ends with a written test. This class also includes a riding evaluation and race start practices.

Race Certificate Classes cost $125 in addition to your track time registration.  When registering, choose the RCC option instead of your normal skill level; you'll automatically be placed in your highest skill group available.  If the RCC is full, you will not see that option available for selection.

This class is available to Intermediate and Advanced riders only.  Taking this class does not guarantee issuance of a race certificate.  All schedules are subject to change.

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