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Sportbike Track Time Track Loyalty Card - $5,000 value

FIRST TIME RIDERS: Please keep in mind that we do not teach you how to ride a motorcycle. To participate as a first time Novice in an STT event, you must be comfortable riding at near highway speeds and in moderate traffic.
Sportbike Track Time Track Loyalty Card - $5,000 value
Sportbike Track Time Track Loyalty Card - $5,000 value


This is the $5,000 Sportbike Track Time Loyalty card - available to members only.  Buy this card at the discounted price and get $5000 in track time to use towards the track time purchases of your choice! 

Consider it a gift card for yourself- or a great way to set aside those trackday funds, but with big savings!

STT's Loyalty Cards never expire!  You do, however, have to have a current membership to use the card.

Although Loyalty Cards are intended for the purchaser only, we do allow a transfer to another member in case of a hardship; life circumstances can unfortunately take one away from trackdays.  If something happens that prevents you from riding at the track, (job makes you move, can't ride motorcycles anymore, etc.), you can sell or give your remaining balance to another member- just email the administration office with your transfer request.

The card can only be used for buying track time through the online store - as we do not have the ability to process Loyalty Card purchases trackside.

Loyalty Card orders take 24-48 hours to process; you will receive a confirmation email with your Loyalty Card ID when complete.  Enter this code on the View Cart page after selecting your purchase(s)!

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