Whether you’re new to our organization or returning for another fun-filled year of riding, we encourage you to spend some time reading what’s new for 2018.

Some highlights:

Continuing for 2018:

  • No gate fees (at select tracks)….let us repeat: NO GATE FEES!  We’re happy to extend this benefit to all of our loyal customers which will result in savings for all you, your friends, family, and crew!
  • Yamaha generator rental program. Limited or no power? We offer Yamaha Inverter Generator rentals track side. If you're looking to run just your tire warmers or your entire RV, we have you powered. Yamaha Inverter Generators are safe for sensitive electronics and pleasantly QUIET.
  • We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a Ladies First at Talledega Gran Prix Raceway, in addition to our Annual Grattan Ladies First Trackday!  Everybody loves this little track in Alabama; we hope to see you ladies there!
  • Loyalty Cards are still available.  By purchasing a loyalty card, you effectively get a discounted card for future trackday purchases. The higher value the card, the greater the discount! Loyalty cards do not expire at the end of the season (you must maintain your Sportbike Track Time membership), and if for some unforeseen circumstances you cannot use the remaining balance on your card, it can be sold or transferred to another Sportbike Track Time member. Loyalty cards are available to members only!

Don't forget the other great things still going on at Sportbike Track Time:

  • Membership Benefits have improved, most notably there will be no late sign-up fees for members! There are more - check them out now! Member Benefits 2018
  • Registering for a particular group will now be more clear. New customers can choose between Novice and Intermediate groups. Intermediate riders can still sign up between those two groups freely.
  • Approval-based entry into the Intermediate and Advanced Group will be continued in 2018. This will create a safer riding experience for everybody. Please read this policy in full detail here. Group Levels
  • Military discount is 15%!
  • In order to see all available groups, please Log In or Register first.

We can't wait to get this new year started and hope you join us every step of the way.

Please take some time to look over our Member Benefits 2018 page as well as our detailed Policies and Procedures  page.