Leather Rental

Leather Rental FAQ


Unfortunately, this is still the case for the 2022 season.

We are not currently renting leathers (due to the pandemic and subsequent insurance issues).  You may be able to find a loan, rental, or used suit on our Facebook riders' group, though- tons of riders and coaches are on there willing to help a fellow rider (https://www.facebook.com/groups/659395504469302/?ref=pages_group_cta).  

Q; When should I reserve or rent a leather suit for an STT event?

A; A minimum of 10 days. Due to a limited amount of suits in inventory, this is a first-come-first-serve system. We may need to ship a set to accommodate you.

Q; How much do leathers cost to rent for a day?

A; Cost for leather rental is $60 per day, payable trackside with cash/check or credit/debit Visa, Mastercard,  or American Express.

Q;  What size in US or Euro leathers do I wear?

A; Please refer to the chart on this link http://www.alpinestars.com/size-guide/

Q; Who at the track has the leathers for rental, whether reserved or spur of the moment rental needs?

A; Contact the main office to secure the leather rentals: info@sportbiketracktime.com.

Q; Are these one-piece or two pieces?

A; Currently, 95% of our leathers are one piece. We will be converting to all one piece by the end of the season.

Q; Are there women’s leather suits for rent?

A; Yes, we have leathers tailored for women as well as men’s leather suits.

Q; Are there boots and gloves for rent?

A; No, we do not rent boots or gloves.

Q; Are there back protectors for rent or use?

A; Yes, there is a limited amount of back protectors available to be used for free with leather rental.

For reservations or more detailed questions contact the main office at info@sportbiketracktime.com.