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Talladega GP

Talladega Gran Prix Raceway (TGPR), or Little Tally as many affectionately call it, is a 1.33 mile (2.14 km) 10 turn road course located near Munford, Alabama, just 3 miles (4.8 km) southwest of Munford on State Route 21. The area is mostly pastures and farmland and offers a unique rural experience!

Built for motorcyclists, by motorcyclists:  TGPR was the first of its in kind in the US as the first track built with motorcycle riding in mind, absent of any hard barriers.  Original owners David and Mike Upchurch, as well as a third partner, Gerald Rhodes, created TGPR with the intention to just build a practice track, but with the help of family, numerous friends, racing buddies, and a little luck, a full racing facility emerged!  In 2000, along with a complete re-pave, the track design received some alterations resulting in additional length.  

With it's simple design and surface with exceptional grip, this track has character that is sure to reward motorcycle riders of all skill levels.  The family-friendly, relaxed atmosphere is one of the fan favorites here at Sportbike Track Time; check out our upcoming events at Little Tally below!

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