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(09/02/24) Autobahn Country Club Track Time

FIRST TIME RIDERS: Please keep in mind that we do not teach you how to ride a motorcycle. To participate as a first time Novice in an STT event, you must be comfortable riding at near highway speeds and in moderate traffic.
(09/02/24) Autobahn Country Club Track Time


This day is on the Full course.

Standard Members save $35 per day on track time at Autobahn Country Club's Full Course!

Located in Joliet, Illinois south of Chicago, the track has three different configurations (North course: 1.4 miles, nine turns, South course: 2.1 miles, 15 turns, and the Full course: 3.5 miles, 19 turns) and is one of the premier motorsports country clubs in the world.    Click here to learn more about Autobahn Country Club!

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