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(08/17/24) GingerMan Raceway Track Time

FIRST TIME RIDERS: Please keep in mind that we do not teach you how to ride a motorcycle. To participate as a first time Novice in an STT event, you must be comfortable riding at near highway speeds and in moderate traffic.
(08/17/24) GingerMan Raceway Track Time


Standard Members save $35 per day on track time at GingerMan Raceway!

This track, at 2.14 miles with 11 turns, is one of the safest road courses in the nations which makes it perfect for newcomers, but also offers enough challenges for the experienced rider.  GingerMan Raceway boasts high speed straights and short sprints, long sweeping corners and tight apexes, heavy and light braking, and elevation change.  Click here to learn more about GingerMan Raceway!

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